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Researchers Uncover the Role of Diagenesis Impacts on Carbonate Reservoirs[01 29, 2018]

  Exploration and development of carbonate oil and gas reservoirs in Tarim Oilfield.(Image from CNPC)
  Due to the great potential for future petroleum resource discoveries, deeply buried (> 3,500 m) carbonate reservoirs are currently hot exp...


Researchers Link Fundamental Rock Magnetic Properties to the Accuracy of Ancient Geomagnetic Field Records[12 01, 2017]

  Map of earth magnetosphere(Image form tech.china.com)
  Earth's magnetic field is thought to have existed for most of our planets history. In the present day, it plays a key role in protecting our modern communication and power infrastructu...

Gas hydrates under the ice, Lake Baikal

Researchers Reveal the Effects of Ice on Methane Hydrate Nucleation[10 09, 2017]

  Gas hydrates under the ice, Lake Baikal(Image from www.vcg.com)
  Gas hydrates are crystalline compounds made from space-filling cages of water molecules that accommodate small gas molecules. Although ice which is also made up with water mo...


The Strength of Tectonic Plates Caused the Unique Shape of the Tibetan Plateau[09 05, 2017]

  An aerial photography of Tibetan Plateau(Image form blog.sina.com.cn)
  The Tibetan plateau has a narrow western part and a broad eastern part, but the mechanisms that produced this structure are unclear. A recent study by Dr. CHEN Lin from...

The peasants bent over to transplant rice seedlings in the fields. (Image by creawebpro form pixabay)

Radiocarbon Dating of Phytolith Reveals that Rice Domestication Began about 10,000 Years Ago[05 31, 2017]

  The peasants bent over to transplant rice seedlings in the fields. (Image by creawebpro form pixabay)
  Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is one of the world's most important staple foods, as it sustains more than half of the global population. Rice f...

A mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal

Researchers Obtain Uppermost Mantle Pn Structure Beneath Tethyan Orogenic Belt[03 28, 2017]

  A mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (Image by skeeze form pixabay)
  The geologic structures in the Tethyan orogenic belt are complex; they have been subjected to several devastating earthquakes, plate collisions, and subduction-associated...

The sketch map of eastern Irtysh tectonic belt

Researchers Define the Tectonic Texture and Evolution of the Irtysh Tectonic Belt[03 23, 2017]

  The sketch map of eastern Irtysh tectonic belt.(Image by HONG Tao's group)
  Precise geochronological constraints of the Irtysh tectonic belt situated between the Saur Island Arc and the Altay Terrane are crucial to a better understanding o...

Pictures of archaeological samples used in this study. (Images from Cai et al., 2017)

Archaeomagnetic Results from China Reveal Extreme Behavior of the Geomagnetic Field During the Holocene[03 01, 2017]

  Variations of Earth's geomagnetic field during the Holocene are important for understanding centennial to millennial-scale processes of the Earth's deep interior. Through archaeomagnetic study, Prof. Zhu Rixiang's lab at the Institute of Geol...

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