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Highlight 2009-008[04 05, 2009]

Earth and Planetary Science Letters,2009,278:131-141
  Cosmogenic nuclide burial ages and provenance of the Xigeda paleo-lake: Implications for evolution of the Middle Yangtze River
  Ping Kong, Darryl E. Granger, Fu-Yuan Wu, Marc W. Caffee, Y...

Highlight 2009-007[03 30, 2009]

Earth and Planetary Science Letters,2009,277:525-538
  Radiogenic heat production in the lithosphere of Sulu ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belt
  Lijuan He, Shengbiao Hu, Wencai Yang and Jiyang Wang
  The Chinese Continental Sc...

Highlight 2009-006[03 30, 2009]

Journal of Geophysical Research,2009,114:B02309Structural features and shear-velocity structure of the “Pacific Anomaly”Yumei He,Lianxing WenAbstractWe constrain structural features and shear-velocity structure of a low-velocity anomaly in the l...

Highlight 2009-005[03 30, 2009]

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,2009,172:241-256Distinct velocity variations around the base of the upper mantle beneath northeast AsiaTao Wang and Ling ChenaAbstractBoth the global and regional P wave tomographic studies have reveale...

Highlight 2009-004[03 27, 2009]

Chemical Geology, 2009, 258:168-181Hydrothermal venting activities in the Early Cambrian, South China: Petrological, geochronological and stable isotopic constraintsDaizhao Chen,,, Jianguo Wang, Hairuo Qing, Detian Yan and Renwei LiAbstractMulti-e...

Highlight 2009-003[03 27, 2009]

The Journal of Geology, 2009, February 2009, 37: 159-162New evidence on the age of the Taklimakan DesertJimin Sun1,*, Zhenqing Zhang1 and Liyuan Zhang1
  The Taklimakan Desert is the world's second-largest shifting sand desert, loca...

Highlight 2009-002[02 27, 2009]

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2009, 34: 258–274
  Nature and processes of the lithospheric mantle beneath the western Qinling: Evidence from deformed peridotitic xenoliths in Cenozoic kamafugite from Haoti, Gansu Province, China
  Ben-Xun ...

Highlight 2009-001[02 27, 2009]

European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 2009, 28: 189–193
  An efficient and accurate iterative stress solution for an infinite elastic plate around two elliptic holes, subjected to uniform loads on the hole boundaries and at infinity
  L.Q. ...

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