Research Progress
Global monsoon domains.(Image by IGGCAS)
Study Reveals Transition from Pa... (10.24)
Earth’s oldest rock: 4-billion-year-old granitic rock from Northwest Territories, Canada. (Image by Prof. LI Xianhua's group)
Earth's Oldest-known Rocks Provid... (07.05)
Zhurong Rover Detects Extremely W... (06.26)
19-Hour Days for a Billion Years ... (06.13)
Tianwen-1: Zhurong Rover Finds Ev... (04.28)
Researchers Find New Water Reserv... (03.22)
【Xinhua】Lunar samples brought by Chang'e-5 mission shin... (2022.04.19)
W020220406596965875800.jpg Lunar samples brought by China's Chang'e-5 mission have helped researchers to better understand the effects of latitude on space weathering (SW) on the Moon, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS).
【ECNS】China's first ground-based planetary telescope in... (2021.10.13)
PAST in Lenghu, Qinghai(by NAOC) Installation of the first Planetary Atmosphere Spectroscopic Telescope (PAST) with a diameter of 0.8 meters finished in Lenghu, Qinghai Province on Sunday night, marking China's first operation of a ground-based planetary telescope.
27 Universities form the Planetary Science Alliance (2019.07.16)
The Strategic Seminar of Planetary Science Alliance of Chinese Universities The alliance will become a platform for sharing the achievements of deep space exploration and planetary science research, promoting collaborative innovation among its members, and striving for greater achievements.
Int`l Cooperation News
Establishment of Sino-UK (CAS-Leeds) Joint Center for Ear... (2019.07.19)
Prof. Peter Hollings from Lakehead University Visits IGG (2017.06.20)
Dr. ZHU Jianbo from Hong Kong Polytechnic University Visi... (2017.06.08)
Intentionally Renowned Scholars from USGS and SECE Visit ... (2016.12.12)
Prof. TAO Chunhui from the Second Institute of Oceanograp... (2016.12.27)
Prof. Markovic from University of Novi Sad Visits IGG for... (2016.12.27)
Upcoming Events
【March 25-28】The Announcement of the 5th Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science--[2023-02-14]
【10.8-9】Tethys Dynamics(First Announcement)--[2018-05-08]
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