Research Progress
Block rotation: Tectonic re... (2014.06.24)
Earth’s Magnetic Flips May... (2014.06.19)
ZHANG Jinhai awarded FU Che... (2013.11.20)
Reverse time migiration of ... (2011.12.07)
Dr. Xiaoping Yang's Impression from the EGU 2014 (2014.06.18)
In the last decade the General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union has been developed steadily both in terms of the number of participants and the quality of sciences, as Dr. Xiaoping Yang commented after returning home from Vienna.
Spring field excursion exploring the Precambria... (2014.05.23)
5.jpg A four day spring geology field excursion was organized from May 8 to 11, 2014 by the Institute of Geology and Geophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences to examine the geology of East Hebei-Jixian area.
Pleasure trip to the Great Wall (2014.05.07)
IMG_8522.JPG On 17th of April 2014, our institute (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China) arranged a pleasure trip for international students to the Great Wall in Beijing.
Int`l Cooperation News
China-France exchange meeting held at Key Laboratory of M... (2014.07.22)
Sino-Italian workshop on Soil soil degradation (2014.06.24)
IAEG Lecture Tour in Beijing: Niek Rengers’ Speech on Wr... (2014.05.30)
The Delegation of from the Institute of Geology, the Stat... (2014.05.29)
Madrigal database training session successfully held at I... (2014.05.20)
Professor Mauricio D. Sacchi,University of Alberta,visi... (2014.04.17)
Upcoming Events
May 28th_International workshop on “New Observations on the Deep Structure beneath the Alps-Anatolia-Iran Regions”(2nd Announcement)--[2014-05-21]
May 28th_International workshop on “New Observations on the Deep Structure beneath the Alps-Anatolia-Iran Regions”--[2014-05-04]
Lecture on 16th Apr--[2014-04-15]
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