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The Institute has 1 Tethys Research Center, and 7 research divisions, namely the Division of Deep Earth Structure and Processes, Division of Lithosphere Evolution, Division of Oil and Gas Resources, Division of Solid Mineral Resources, Division of Engineering Geology and Water Resources, Division of Cenozoic Geology and Environment, and Division of Geomagnetism and Space Physics. The State Key Laboratory of Lithosphere Evolution and National Field Research Station of Space Environment in Beijing are also located on its campus. In addition, the Institute also has 5 key CAS laboratories, namely the Laboratory of Earth and Planetary Physics, Laboratory of Shale Gas and Geological Engineering, Laboratory of Mineral Resources, Laboratory of Oil and Gas Resources, and Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment.

In recent years, the Institute has undertaken more than 200 national projects. Including the “National Science and Technology Major Project of MOST”,  National Scientific Instruments and Equipment, the National Key Research and Development Plan (including the “National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)”, the “National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program)”, and the “National Key Technologies R&D Program of China”, as well as significant research programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, major research programs, major projects, Strategic Pilot Projects of CAS, major deployment programs of CAS, and so on.

The Institute has produced a great number of innovative results by promoting the growth of talents, fostering innovative ideas, and enhancing the ability to perform scientific research and meet major national needs, and has achieved a large number of innovative achievements in the field of solid Earth science. The Institute attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, having been authorized for about 173 patents, 16 utility patents, and over 260 software copyright registrations. In recent years, 10 research achievements have been awarded to the Institute, including 9 National Natural Science Awards and 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

In 2003, CAS member Professor Liu Dongsheng received the State Supreme Science and Technology Award.


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