Solid Mineral Resources

Based on the national strategic demands for mineral resources in northern China (North China Craton and Central Asian Orogenic Belt) and its adjacent areas, this division is devoted to studying the natural mineral resource exploitation on China. The division focuses on developing the framework of geological tectonics, metallogenic geodynamic settings, precise mineralization chronology, detailed ore-forming process and its mechanism, ore-controlling factors and mineralization indicators, prediction theory for hidden ore deposits, strategic targeting, and prediction and evaluation of mineral resources. The division also focuses on independently developing comprehensive geophysical exploration technology, mainly in the areas of electromagnetic and shallow seismic prospecting, high-precision magnetic methods and microgravity as integrated systems, conducting tests, demonstration and popularization, carrying out experimental research on new resource technology, developing new alternative resources, and providing suggestions, theoretical guidance, technical support and prediction models for the national safety of natural resources.

Head of Division:  Prof. Qin Kezhang
Deputy Head of Division:  Prof. Fan Hongrui

Subject groups and persons responsible:

Regional metallogenic processes  Prof. Liu Jianming 
Orogenic belts and ore-forming processes  Prof. Qin Kezhang 
Continental margin evolution and processes of fluid ore-forming  Prof. Fan Hongrui 
Prediction and detection of hidden resources  Prof. Zhang Baolin 


Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Tectonic and magmatic evolution of the Tianshan-Mongolia-Greater Hingganling Orogenic Belt and regional metallogenic processes
  2. Subduction and ore-forming fluids, transition of melt to hydrothermal fluid and ore-forming processes
  3. Porphyry Cu, Au and Mo deposits formed in the tectonic settings of subduction, collision and extension
  4. Precambrian geological evolution and metallogenesis of BIF and REE
  5. Metallogenesis of various types of Au deposits
  6. Ore-forming mechanism of magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE deposit formed in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB)
  7. Chronology of mineralization
  8. Orefield structure and dynamics of fluid mineralization
  9. New resource technology and mineral fertilizers
  10. Research and development of shallow seismic prospect technology
  11. Research and development of new technology and methods for transient electromagnetism (TEM)
  12. Experimentation, testing and demonstration of prediction theories and detection technologies for deep mineral resources
Division of Solid Mineral Resources consists of four subject groups:
  • Groups 1:Regional metallogenic processes
  • Groups 2:Orogenic belts and ore-forming processes
  • Groups 3:Continental margin evolution and processes of fluid ore-forming
  • Groups 4:Prediction and detection of hidden resources
Head of Division

Prof. Qin Kezhang

Division of Solid Mineral Resources
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Associate Director

Prof. Fan Hongrui

Division of Solid Mineral Resources
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No. 19, Beitucheng Western Road, Chaoyang District, 100029, Beijing, P.R.China
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