Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Laboratory

The SIMS laboratory of IGGCAS houses three ion microprobes, namely the CAMECA IMS1280, IMS1280HR, and NanoSIMS 50L. These facilities allow direct in situ measurement of the isotopic and elemental composition of nearly all the elements in the periodic table from H to U, on both the micro- and nanometric scales. The laboratory plays an important role in the fields of geochronology, geosphere deep dynamics, Earth evolution, cosmochemistry, comparative planetology, mineral resources research, and global change.

The CAMECA IMS-1280HR and IMS-1280 are large-radius double-focusing secondary ion mass spectrometers, both of which are equipped with duo plasmatron ion sources, cesium ion sources, and advanced ion optic systems. The double focusing system is includes a large radius magnetic sector and electrostatic analyzer (ESA), which provides very high mass resolving power (MRP) without significant loss of secondary ion intensity.

The laboratory has installed the only Cameca NanoSIMS 50L in China to date, which is a sophisticated instrument with a uniquely high lateral resolution of up to 50 nanometers for in situ element and isotope analysis. It is also characterized by high sensitivity, high mass resolution and high precision. The advanced establishment of the NanoSIMS lab has considerably enhanced the capability of in situ isotope analysis with the spatial resolution increasing from the Micronscale to the nanoscale. This analytical facility will greatly promote research in space science throughout China, and will play a unique role in the scientific research of the lunar samples which will be retrieved by China lunar exploration missions in the near future.




Head of Lab

Prof.  Li Xianhua

Division of Lithosphere Evolution
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