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Prophyry Cu Ore

Researchers Uncover the Formation Mechanism of Giant Aktogai Cu Deposit[09 19, 2016]

  Prophyry Cu Ore (Image: Shibangchina.com)
  Porphyry Cu deposits are one of the world’s most valuable ore deposits providing around 75%, 50% and 20% of the world’s supply of copper, molydbenum and gold, respectively. Most ore-forming porp...

Researchers Find New Generation of Organic Sulfur Compounds and Diamondoids Under Deep Burial Dolostones[09 18, 2016]

  Deep burial reservoirs (4500-7000m) are a key target for China's petroleum exploration. Under deep burial or high temperature conditions, the stability of hydrocarbons is one of the main concerns. In fact, petroleum is expected not only to cr...

Tengchong Volcanic Geological Park in Yunnan Tengchong Volcanic Geological Park in Yunnan

Researchers Find Mechanism of Deep Carbon Cycle at the India-Asia Continental Subduction Zone[08 23, 2016]

  Tengchong Volcanic Geological Park in Yunnan (Image: Baidu.com)
  Deep carbon cycling at subduction zones plays an important role in modulating the CO2 concentration in Earth’s atmosphere and is vital to understanding geological carbon emi...

Kubuqi Desert

Researchers Uncover the Secret of Kubuqi Desert Environmental Change[07 05, 2016]

  A sightseeing vehicle carrying tourists runs at Xiangshawan (Whistling Dune Bay) in Kubuqi Desert within the territory of Ordos, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Aug. 6, 2015. (Xinhua/Wang Song)
  Studies of environmental cha...

Structure of the hydrate

Researchers Find the Effects of Ensembles on Methane Hydrate Nucleation Kinetics[06 28, 2016]

  Methane hydrate is a crystalline compound made from space-filling cages of water molecules that accommodate methane. It exists in much of the sediments that cover the oceanic floor as well as in permafrost. Research on methane hydrate nucleat...

Cyanobacteria (Stanieria) in 252 Ma Old Microbialites in South China[06 20, 2016]

  A recent study performed by Wu Yasheng from IGG revealed that mysterious tiny globular fossils found in Permian-Triassic boundary microbialites are actually calcified fossils of Stanieria, a genus of Chroococcophyceae cyanobacteria that exist...

Some microphtographs of Ordovician calcified cyanobacteria of Tarim Basin

The Most Diverse Ordovician Calcified Cyanobacteria Flora Was Found in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China[05 12, 2016]

  Cyanobacterial calcification is related to photosynthetic inorganic carbon uptake, raising the pH adjacent to cyanobacterial cells and promoting CaCO3 precipitation situated in or on the mucilaginous sheath of some cyanobacteria. Calcified sh...

The magma chamber of Thrihnukagigur volcano,Iceland

A New Mechanics for Fracture in Elastic Lithosphere of the Earth: Elastic Stress Transmission and Transformation ...[04 13, 2016]

  The magma chamber of Thrihnukagigur volcano,Iceland
  Liquid-driven fractures in the elastic upper crust, upper mantle, and throughout the entire lithosphere are fundamental to the transport and emplacement of melt. These liquid-driven frac...

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