Message from the Director

The Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS) was formed through the merging of the Institute of Geology and Institute of Geophysics, CAS, following the development laws of Earth sciences to promote disciplinary integration and union in CAS Knowledge Innovation Program. Through innovation and development in their scientific research and practice, the Institute has gradually become a comprehensive scientific research institution with a strong reputation and influence in Earth sciences, both domestically and overseas.

The Institute has established a strategic layout, which divides scientific research into three key focuses: basic research, applied basic research combined with technical research, and the development and mutual promotion of the advancement of Earth sciences as a whole. The Institute continues to make important contributions to the innovation of basic theory within Earth sciences. It meets major national needs and serves economic and social development, thereby cultivating an environment with a rich pioneering spirit and international influences, in turn allowing scientific research groups and personnel to excel.

Through the joint efforts of several generations of leading scientists, IGGCAS has gradually established technical support systems ranging from the detection of deep Earth, to research on solar-terrestrial space environment, and the same time has also realized the importance of cross-relations and fusion between different disciplines. The Institute adheres to the the concept of "quaternity" development (i.e. theoretical innovation + technology research and development + achievement transformation + education and research training combination), as well as the synchronous development between scientific and technological research.

This approach effectively stimulates a long-term partnership between scientific research and technical development, which take full advantage of the sheer innovation and abilities of independent study and development of large-scale instrument equipment, as well as innovating and experimenting with new technologies and theories. The Institute undertakes major scientific research projects involving prospective basic research and social development needs, thus providing positions for science researchers interested in exploring Earth sciences. 

The Institute attaches great importance to talent and encouraging innovation with a tradition of academic freedom, which is a reflection of several generations of wisdom from outstanding scientists who have previously guided the Institute. The favorable culture and atmosphere of the Institute embody the values of state and society dedication, and from the basis for cultivating innovative ideas, so that all may enjoy the rewards of science. 

Following the current focus of deepening the national reform of the science and technology system, new hopes and requirements have been proposed for the development of CAS and the Institute. Combined with the organization and implementation of the "Pioneer Initiative(PI)" of CAS, the Institute will continue its efforts to achieve innovation and development, as well as to continuously make fundamental, strategic, original and significant contributions to science and society.

I am sincerely grateful to those who support the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS, and give my most sincere gratitude and heartfelt wishes to those who care, help and support our development. I am looking forward to the brilliant performance of the "PI". 

Director of the Institute: Zhu Rixiang
July 20, 2016

No. 19, Beitucheng Western Road, Chaoyang District, 100029, Beijing, P.R.China
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