Petroleum Resources

This division focuses on the study of the distribution and formation mechanisms of oil-gas formations in continental and marine regions of China through the development and implementation of geophysical prospecting technologies and geological methods. This includes sedimentology, seismology, seismic and non-seismic prospecting technologies, and basin fluid-rock interactions. The division aims to determine the key laws governing the distributions of oil-gas resources in Chinese through the comprehensive use of geological and geophysical methods, thus providing theories and technologies for oil-gas resource explorations in China.

Head of Division:  Prof. Hao Tianyao
Deputy Head of Division: Prof. Zhang Jianfeng

Current Major Research Projects:

  • Integrated geophysical methods and technologies
  • Marine geophysical exploration equipment and technology
  • Integration technology for seismic data acquisition systems
  • Seismic imaging of complex structures through theoretical and technological advances
  • Geophysical identification and evaluation of technology for complex oil and gas reservoirs
  • Geophysical development techniques for oil and gas
  • Supercomputing technology for massive geophysical data
  • Volcanic hydrocarbon enrichment pattern geophysical detection technology
  • Distribution and evaluation of shale gas formations
  • Hydrocarbon accumulation dynamics
  • Numerical simulation of basin dynamics
  • Carbonate sedimentology and reservoir formation and preservation mechanism
  • Large-scale manufacture of MEMS accelerometer technology
  • Key technologies of MEMS detectors and seismic data acquisition systems

Fig. 1 Joint observation profile of the comprehensive interpretation of the deep structure of the sea and land in the Bohai Sea

Fig. 2 Wave field snapshot of marine model

Fig. 3 OBS delivery

Fig. 4 Oilfield microgravity observation

Fig. 5 MT instrument test in Zhangbei

Fig. 6 MEMS temperature test system

Fig. 7 Dolomite

Fig. 8 Black shale

Division of Oil and Gas Resource consists of seven subject groups:
  • Groups 1:Integrated geophysical research on oil and gas
  • Groups 2:Geophysics of oil-gas reservoirs
  • Groups 3:Theory and methods of seismic exploration
  • Groups 4:Imaging of complex structures Associate
  • Groups 5:Fluid dynamics of petroliferous basins
      • Groups 6:
      • Sedimentology
                  • Groups 7:
                Digital detector research and development
Head of Division

Prof. Hao Tianyao

Division of Oil and Gas Resource
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Associate Director

Prof. Zhang Jianfeng

Division of Oil and Gas Resource
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