Sedimentology and Structural Geology
Lithosphere Evolution
---Sedimentology and Structural Geology

Research areas:
Sedimentary basin and related orogenic belt in China and adjacent areas; South China-North China plates and peripheral orogenic belt, Tianshan-Junggar accretionary orogenic belt, Massif Central in France, Armorican Variscan orogenic belt and the western Alps orogenic belt. 

Research methods:
Sedimentology, structural geology, petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, geophysics.

Research contents:
(1) tectonic geometry and kinematics of orogenic belt and adjacent basin, basin-filling structure and sedimentary systems, structural analysis of deposition and mineralization belt of oil-gas-bearing basin;
(2) the sedimentary diagenetic process and deep burial evolution;
(3) reconstruction of regional tectonic-paleogeographic and orogen-basin geodynamics; (4) the basin-range evolution of northwestern China;
(5) North China craton destruction and South China continent reconstruction;
(6) deep subduction and exhumation process of plate; (7) tectonic evolution of early earth.

Supported Projects:
Major State Basic Research Development Program (2 items),
National 973 Project (2 items),
NSFC Major Project and NSFC Project (multiple items),
International cooperation project (1 item),
Innovation Project of the Chinese academy of sciences (1 item),
Key Project Supported by large enterprises (2 items).

Fold deformation of strata                  Cross-bedding sedimentary structure

         Bioturbation structure: burrow              Sequential deposition of radiolarian
                                                   silicalite and basalt

Sedimentary system of lagoon-beachrock-biodetritus beach

Deepwater turbidite deposit and soft sedimentary deformation structures


Multiphase structural deformation analysis of Xuefengshan intracontinental orogen
Geodynamic model for Paleozoic northeastern Tarim margin and southern Paleo-Asian tectonic realm

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Prof. Li Zhong

Division of Lithosphere Evolution
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