Rock Mass Structural Mechanics
Engineering Geology and Water Resources
---Rock Mass Structural Mechanics

Research direction:
Deformation and failure timeliness of engineering rock mass

Based on the academic idea of rock mass structure controlling theory, our research extends to the behavior of deep-buried rock mass and rock mass's long-time-scale effect using techniques such as geophysical exploration and multi-parameter monitoring. For the theoretical study on the structural effect, the emphasis is put on the timeliness of rock mass structure (long-term strength and
rheological parameters) and the control mechanism for deep-buried rock mass.
Aimed at the rapid construction requirement for new national major projects, our research group carries out a series of studies on fine engineering geological exploration, field monitoring, laboratory analysis and test, and disaster warning to investigate the failure process of engineering geologic body, break outs monitoring, moderate reconstruction and reasonable protection in the field of shale gas, ancient rock engineering and large-scale scientific facility. Our research emphasis includes the geological structure model, long-term strength theory and failure process (timeliness) model. 

Main achievements: 
Published journal papers: 
More than 70 journal papers have been published, including 13 papers on international SCI journals such as Int J Rock Mech Min Sci, Eng Geol, Episodes, B Eng Geol Environ and Tunel Under Spa Tech, and 10 papers on Chinese SCI/EI journals such as Sci China Earth Sci and Chin J Rock Mech Eng. Besides, our research group has 5 patents for invention. 

(1) The Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award (2009) (Ranking: Zhang Luqing, 7; Shang Yanjun, 9); 
(2) The First Prize for CSRME’S Science and Technology Progress Award (2014) (Ranking: Shang Yanjun, 1; Jin Weijun, 4; Li Lihui, 9); 
(3) The First Gu Dezhen’s Science & Technology Award For Youth (2012, Zhang Luqing) 
(4) The 14th Science & Technology Silver Hammer Award For Youth (2014, Li Lihui) 
(5) Journal of Engineering Geology’s Excellent Paper Award (2012, Li Lihui) 

In recent years, our research group has made scientific research cooperation with Seoul National University of Korea, Quaid-i-Azam University of Pakistan, Wuhan University, Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, and China Gezhouba Group No.3 Engineering Co., ltd. 


Fig.1 Deposition rate and interaction of human-riverine analysis from height increase of an 1180 years weir in Southeast China
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