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Global warming will shift the East Asian monsoon rain belt northward[10 21, 2015]

The East Asian monsoon has been decreasing since 1970s. As a result, the monsoon rain belt has migrated southward, with more droughts in northern China countered by more floods in southern China. The trend of decreasing monsoon intensity has been attributed to global warming by many scientists, thus raising great co...

Palaeomagnetic field intensity variations suggest Mesoproterozoic inner-core nucleation[10 20, 2015]

The present day inner core of Earth has a solid body of iron (with minor light elements) at its center, which is surrounded by the liquid outer core. The fluid motion within the outer core is responsible for generating Earth's magnetic field. In the past, however, the core was entirely liquid and the timing of when ...


New Configuration of Nuna: a north China-Siberia connection[09 30, 2015]

Through the action of plate tectonics, dispersed continents can merge into a single supercontinent. Three supercontinents are known to have existed in the Earth's history. These are Nuna, which formed at ~1.8 billion year ago, Rodinia at ~800 million year ago, Pangaea at ~300 million year ago.

Solar energetic particles stronger when coming from the eastern side[09 24, 2015]

Solar energetic particles (SEPs), which are charged energetic particles occasionally emitted by the Sun, endanger the health of astronauts working in space and damage electronic components on satellites, and so they have become a very important aspect affecting the solar-terrestrial space environment and space weath...


Pollen evidence of the palaeoenvironments of Lufengpithecus lufengensis in the Zhaotong Basin, southeastern margi...[09 22, 2015]

Evolutionary processes in hominoid primates are closely related to global and/or regional environmental changes and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions are fundamental for understanding how environmental changes shaped their evolution.

Joint Chinese-French-Italian research identifies the seismic signature of continental crust subducting under the ...[09 18, 2015]

The subduction of continental lithosphere in the mantle has long been considered as impossible because of the floating force of continental crust. The first conclusive evidence in support of burial of continental crust to depths >90 km was provided by the discovery of coesite-bearing metamorphic rocks in the Dora Ma...


A rapid single column separation scheme for high precision Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic analysis in geological samples usi...[09 17, 2015]

Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope ratios are routinely used for geochemical and environmental tracing, and for interpreting the evolution of the lithosphere, source provenance, as well as atmospheric circulation and transport. Thermal ionization source mass spectrometry (TIMS) is regarded as a benchmark analytical technique an...


Scientific Reports: Flexural bending of southern Tibet in a retro foreland setting[09 01, 2015]

The Indian and Eurasian plates converged continuously along the Yarlung Zangbo suture zone in Cenozoic. The early-stage convergence was present as northward subduction of oceanic lithosphere from the Indian plate, which led to the formation of a large-scale magmatic island arc belt on the southern margin of the Eura...

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