Chemical Geodynamics
Lithosphere Evolution
---Chemical Geodynamics

Base on the development of elemental and isotopic standards and analytical techniques for laser ablation and ion probes, our group focus on studies of chemical geodynamical processes occurred during the evolution of the Earth’s lithosphere and other planets. Recent main studies includes:

(1) centering on one of ‘three breakthroughs’ set up by the institute, Evolution of the Tethyan Orogenic Belt, we conduct the researches on different types of magmatic rocks from both cratons and orogenyc belts. Using these rocks as lithoprobe, formation and evolution of cratons and orogenic belts and the geodynamic mechanisms are studied, including some key scientific issues, such as cratonic destruction, continental reworking and evolution of the Tethyan orogenyc belt.

(2) studying the ages, compositions and evolutions of early Earth and exterrestrial samples, Based on the development of microanalytical methods for elements and isotopes. This will provide constraints on the formation and evolution of the early Earth on one hand. On the other hand, this will also provide technical support for the nation’s “Moon Exploration Plan’ and “Venus Exploration Plan”. 

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Prof. Yang Jinhui

Division of Lithosphere Evolution
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