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IGG attaches great importance to the construction and management of its laboratories.

The Institute refers to the operational methods of the world’s leading laboratories, actively explores innovative construction and management schemes, adheres to the the concept of "quaternity" development (i.e. theoretical innovation + technology research and development + achievement transformation + education and research training combination), and creates effective methods for modern laboratory construction and management.

The strategic objectives of the supporting system are to establish fully-opened national experimental research platforms concerning the significant scientific issues based on important scientific research projects, yield data which reach international standards and earn peer recognition through the development of new technologies and methods, therefore making it a responsible popular science base. 

The large-scale Public Experiment and Observation Platform contains the Geological Laboratories and Geophysical Laboratories. The Geological Laboratories includes the SIMS Laboratory, NanoSIMS Laboratory, MC-ICPMS Laboratory, EMPA and SEM Laboratory, TEM Laboratory, Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory, Stable Isotope Laboratory, Noble Gas Laboratory, Ar-Ar Geochronology Laboratory, U-series Geochronology Laboratory, Ore-forming Geochronology Laboratory, Fluid inclusion Laboratory; these laboratories may satisfy requirements for material composition, element geochemistry, isotope ratios, isotopic age, and physical property analysis of various types of geological samples. The Geophysical Laboratories are mainly composed of the Seismic Array Probing Laboratory, Space Environment Probing Laboratory, Rock Physical Properties Laboratory, Paleomagnetic Laboratory, Bio-geomagnetism Laboratory, MEMS Digital Geophone Laboratory, and Ocean Bottom Seismograph. 


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