Tethys Research Center

The Tethys Research Center is an Earth system sciences based research division that is supported by core disciplines such as deep geophysical exploration, structural geology, paleomagnetism, and geochronology. It focuses on the Tethyan orogenic belt, as well as the comprehensive study of its orogenesis, deep structures, response of surface processes to deep structures, and interactions between the different spheres of the Earth. Combining these multiple disciplines, the primary goal of the division is to contribute to the current knowledge of continental formation and evolution.

Head of Division: Prof. Xiao Wenjiao
Associate Director: Associate Prof. Wan Bo

Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Comparison of lithosphere structure between the Iranian and Tibetan Plateaus
  2. Components, metamorphism, deformation and timing of the ophiolite and accretionary complexes of the Eastern Zagros Orogenic Belt
  3. Studies regarding the collisional process of the Indo-Myanmar Orogenic Belt
  4. Expanding process and mechanism of the Tibetan Plateau boundary
  5. Lithosphere structure and crust-mantle interaction in northern Tibet
  6. Magnetostratigraphy and environmental effects of the Late-Cenozoic basins in the Tibetan Plateau
  7. Deep structure of the uplift area in eastern Tibet and its surface response
  8. Cosmogenic nuclide genesis chronology on the high lake level during the last great lake age of the Tibetan Plateau
  9. Crustal structure and anisotropic reconstruction in the basin-mountain interaction zone at the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
  10. Mesozoic deformation of the Songpan-Ganzi Terrane and adjacent orogenic belts
  11. 3D structure and geodynamics of eastern Himalayan syntaxis and surrounding areas
  12. Studies regarding the fault and remote analysis of the environmental geology in the Nujiang-Bijiang area
Tethys Research Center consists of five subject groups:
Head of Division

Prof. Xiao Wenjiao

Tethys Research Center
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Associate Director

Prof. Wan Bo

Associate Director
Tethys Research Center
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