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Establishment of Sino-UK (CAS-Leeds) Joint Center for Earth and Planetary Sciences

On July 9, 2019, representatives from the University of Leeds visited IGG for a series of exchange activities. In accordance with the schedule, in the future IGG will develop long-term cooperation and exchanges with the University of Leeds, and jointly establish the Sino-UK (CAS-Leeds) Joint Center for Earth and Planetary Sciences (abbreviated as SUCEP). Representatives from both sides held an opening ceremony on the first day of the exchange.

At the meeting, Wu Fuyuan, Director of the Institute, introduced the development history and recent work priorities of the institute. He pointed out that SUCEP is the first of five "The Belt and Road" regional joint research centers officially opened by the institute. These centers are charged with the mission of exploring new cooperation methods and fields. He expressed his hopes that the two sides would generate new breakthroughs in the future.

Yang Shiling, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment, CAS, as the head of SUCEP, introduced in detail the historical origin of the University of Leeds and its ties to China, as well as the achievements of the cooperation of several generations of earth scientists between the two sides since China's Reform and Opening-up. He expressed his hope that SUCEP would become a new platform for high-level and comprehensive cooperation between the two parties. Professor Alan Haywood, head of the British team, introduced the background, recent developments and future goals of the cooperation between the two sides. He praised the establishment of SUCEP as a new milestone in their cooperation, and said he hoped that the two sides would make good use of this platform to earn greater support and promote scientific development.

At the exchange meeting, more than 20 scientific researchers from both parties made academic reports on engineering geology, applied geophysics, rock geochemistry, planetary science, paleoclimatology, and other fields. Both parties also focused on the willingness, content and prospects for cooperation in fields such as geological engineering, applied geophysics, paleoclimatology, and sedimentary geochemical cycle. The methods of cooperation include student exchange, personnel exchange visits, instrument opening, joint efforts for external funding, regular organization of bilateral exchanges, and so on.

Ms. Du Xiaomeng from the European Branch of the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS attended the meeting and congratulated the establishment of SUCEP. She introduced the international cooperation work and international talent plan of the Academy, and provided suggestions for SUCEP to obtain project support.

On July 11, under the leadership of Prof. Lin Wei, the participants carried out a geological survey at Mt. Mengshan, Miyun. Scholars from both China and overseas held a heated discussion on the process and dynamic mechanism of the destruction of the North China Craton in the Mesozoic, and frankly exchanged their views on the evolution of the Earth's sphere, which effectively enhanced understanding between the two parties.

SUCEP Opening Ceremony (Image by IGG)

Geological Survey (Image by IGG)



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