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EAGE Student Lecture Tour

Topic :
Carbonate reservoirs - multi-dimensional
Lecturer :
Prof. Michael C. Poppelreiter (Shell)
Time :
14:00-17:00, 11th Oct.
Place :
Meeting Room 422, Building 3

About the Lecturer : 
Prof Dr Michael C. Pöppelreiter is the current Director of the South East Asian Carbonate Research Lab (SEACaRL) and Shell Chair in Petroleum Geology at the Department of Geosciences of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia. He is also the honored Lecturer for EAGE Student Lecture Tour for Asia Pacific region (2016-2017). 

Prof. Pöppelreiter studied at the Mining University of Freiberg, Germany; the Postgraduate Research Institute of Sedimentology, United Kingdom; and the University of Tubingen, Germany, where he earned a Ph.D. in 1998. He has written 25 publications and 2 books on borehole image logs and reservoir geology. Since then, Prof. Pöppelreiter has worked as a sedimentologist with Shell in The Netherlands, as a carbonate geologist/3-D modeller at Shell’s Bellaire Technology Center in Houston, U.S.A. and as an SRM carbonate team leader at the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre in Doha. He co-founded Shell’s borehole image team in 2003. 

Prof. Pöppelreiter has previously coordinated a regional Khuff/Sudair outcrop analog research study in Oman and a CCS project for carbonates. He has published numerous papers on carbonate reservoirs, reservoir modelling, and borehole image log technology. He is an Honour Professor at the University of Tubingen, Germany, where he teaches the courses “Petroleum Geology and Geological Interpretation of Well- and Borehole Image Logs. Prof. Pöppelreiter is also a Shell subject matter expert for carbonates. His area of expertise include outcrop and regional geological studies (Middle East focus), conceptual modelling, reservoir modelling and 3D digital modelling, project management, CO2 in carbonates and technical assurance & capability (TA-2). 


He is also the author and editor of Permo-Triassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate, one of the bestselling book by EAGE bookshop. 



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