France-China Bio-mineralization and Nano-structure Laboratory

1st Steering Committee Meeting and Inauguration of Laboratoire International Associe Franco-Chinois de Bio-Minéralisation et Nano-Structures (LIA-BioMNSL)


On the 6 September 2010, The France-China Bio-Mineralization and Nano-Structure Laboratory (LIA-BioMNSL) held its first Steering Committee Meeting and Inauguration at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS).

Attendees include the Director of IGGCAS, Prof. Rixiang Zhu, the Deputy Director of Bureau of Life Sciences of CNRS, Prof. Martine Defais, the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Science and Technology for Resources and Environment of CAS, Prof. Xu Chang, the Director of International Co-operation Office of CNRS, Dr. Franc Pattus, the Consular of Science and Technology of the French Embassy, Dr. Norbert PALUCH, the Director of CNRS office in Beijing, Dr. Jean-Claude Thivolle, the Deputy Director of IGGCAS, Prof. Ping Zhao, the scientific leaders of LIA-BioMNSL, Profs. Long-Fei Wu and Yongxin Pan, as well as 6 group leaders from LIA-BioMNSL. Prof. Zhu gave the opening remark. Prof. Defais, Prof. Chang, Dr. Paluch and Dr. Pattus gave speeches, respectively. Profs. Long-Fei WU and Yongxin PAN gave work reports on behalf of the LIA-BioMNSL. Finally, the Steering Committee members have discussion on their work report and gave valuable suggestions for future work of the LIA-BioMNSL.

After the meeting, French representatives visited the LIA-BioMNSL laboratories in Beijing. 


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