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Division of Lithosphere Evolution

By means of mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, sedimentology, geodesy and tectonics, the Division of Lithosphere Evolution is devoted to the study of the framework of plate tectonics and geodynamics. The areas it studies include the material composition, texture and structure, and deformation and metamorphic history of the continental lithosphere; the destruction and reconstruction of the lithospheric mantle and lower crust; the thermal structures and tectono-thermal evolution of the lithosphere; the chemical-physical properties and geochemical behavior of geofluids, minerals, and rocks in the internal Earth; and the evolution and geodynamic background of the orogenic belts and sedimentary basins. The division’s goal is to use the results of its research to forward social sustainable development.

Head of Division:  Prof. Li Xianhua
Deputy Head of Division:  Prof. Lin Wei

Research Groups and Group Leaders:
Mantle Geochemistry  Prof. Ying Jifeng 
Chemical Geodynamics  Prof. Yang Jinhui 
Precambrian Geology  Prof. Guo Jinghui 
High to Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism  Prof. Liu Jingbo 
Sedimentology and Structural Geology  Prof. Li Zhong 
Thermal Structure and Tectono-thermal Evolution  Prof. Hu Shengbiao 


Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Chemical geodynamics of lithospheric evolution
  2. In situ element-isotope microanalysis
  3. In situ isotopic analytical method of ancient materials on Earth, and in Moon rocks and meteorites
  4. Formation and evolution of granite-greenstone terranes and TTG gneiss terrains, and constraints for growth and differentiation of the Archean continental crust
  5. HP-HT-UHT metamorphism and related magmatism, and their implications on early Precambrian plate tectonics
  6. Lower crustal processes: interactions of metamorphism, anatexis, and mantle derived magmatism
  7. Petrogenesis of granitoids related to the reworking of ancient continental crust during the Phanerozoic
  8. High- and ultrahigh-pressure fluid and crust-mantle interaction during deep subduction of continental crust
  9. Effects of deep subduction of continent on the evolution of the UHP orogenic belt
  10. Tectonic system of the orogenic belt and adjacent basins and structure analysis on petroliferous basins and metallogenic belt
  11. Deep-buried evolution of sedimentary-diagenesis
  12. Tectonic-paleogeographic reconstruction and basin-range geodynamics
  13. Heat flow measurements, tectonothermal evolution, thermal history reconstruction
  14. Uplift and denudation of orogenic belts and numerical modeling of lithospheric tectonothermal evolution
  15. Geothermal exploration and evaluation
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