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State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution

State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution (SKLLE) was founded in 2004, and inherited its major parts from the predecessor “Laboratory of Lithosphere Tectonic Evolution” that was founded in 1989. The SKLLE aims to leading the international research frontiers and serving the national strategic demands. The SKLLE focuses on the key geological events and records, integrates the new geological, geophysical, and geochemical theories, and arms with self-developed technologies and facilities to unravel the nature and processes of lithospheric evolution including its formation, converges, divergence, and reworking. The results provide solid evidence on interacting processes and mechanisms between different layers of the Earth, and will have innovative contributions for Earth system science.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. WU Fuyuan
Deputy Heads of Laboratory: Prof. YANG Jinhui;  Prof. LIU Chuanzhou;  Prof. WAN Bo;  Prof. ZHAO Liang

Research Groups and Group Leaders:

·  Paleomagnetism and Chronology: Prof. DENG Chenglong
·  Chemical Geodynamics: Prof. LI Qiuli
·  Tectonogeophysics: Prof. TIAN Xiaobo
·  Geothermics: Prof. HE Lijuan
·  Lithospheric Composition and Evolution: Prof. YING Jifeng
·  Precambrian Geology: Prof. PENG Peng
·  Material Recycling in Subduction Zone: Prof. LIU Jingbo
·  Geodynamics of Orogeny and Basin System: Prof. LIN Wei
·  Tectonics: Prof. XIAO Wenjiao
·  Continental Lithospheric Evolution and Geodynamics: Prof. CHEN Ling

Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Craton Destruction and Terrestrial Life Evolution;
  2. Deep Process and Mechanism of Metallogenic System in the North China Craton;
  3. Tethyan Geodynamics;
  4. Deep Structure and Metallogenic processes in Central Asian accretionary orogenic Collage;
  5. Continental Crustal Growth and Global Tectonics during the Early Earth.


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