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Division of Geomagnetism and Space Physics
The Division of Geomagnetism and Space Physics seeks to develop new instruments, experimental techniques, and theoretical analyses to explore the space environments surrounding Earth, as well as those of the other planets in the Solar System. For Earth systems, the division has particular interests in the coupling processes among the geospace environment, the solid Earth, and other terrestrial spheres. In the Solar System, however, the unique intrinsic properties of the planets lead to distinct activities and variations in their space environments. Comparing and understanding these complex and interactive systems are among the other scientific goals of the division. The division continues to make great efforts toward building a research base of great international prestige for space and planetary physics.

Head of Division:   Prof. Liu Libo
Deputy Head of Division:   Prof. Du Aimin

Research Groups and Group Leaders:
Geomagnetism and Space Weather Prof. Du Aimin
Ionosphere and Upper Atmospheric Physics Prof. Wan Weixing 
Ionospheric Weather Prof. Liu Libo

Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Ionospheric variations and their driving mechanisms
  2. Development of a digital ionosphere model
  3. Radar imaging of temporally and spatially varying ionospheric irregularities
  4. Storm-time coupling of the magnetosphere-ionosphere
  5. Terrestrial planet space-solar wind interactions
  6. Development of new observational models based on the 'Sun-Earth Space Environment Observation Network'
  7. Development of satellite-based broad-range and high-resolution magnetic field sensors 
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