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Division of Engineering Geology and Water Resources

Through the cross-disciplinary integration of engineering geology, hydrology, applied geophysics, and geomechanics, the division focuses on the following research activities:

  • Studying the origins of engineering geology objects, as well as their structural characteristics, evolutionary processes and groundwater circulation principles;
  • Exploring the coupling mechanisms of multiple fields, including in situ stress, geophysics and groundwater dynamics;
  • Developing theories related to the interactions of geological engineering and environments;
  • Investigating fine-scale detection techniques for geology structures and large-scale scientific instruments;
  • Overcoming challenges in China’s key engineering projects involving engineering geology, geological disasters, water resources and environmental issues;
  • Providing engineering geomechanic theories and technology support for the exploration of energy resources deep underground in China.

Head of Division:  Prof. Li Xiao
Deputy Head of Division:  Prof. Li Guomin

Research Groups and Group Leaders:
Geology engineering and geological disaster  Prof. Li Xiao 
Rock engineering geology  Prof. Hu Ruilin 
Structural rock mechanics  Prof. Shang Yanjun 
Groundwater resources and environments  Prof. Li Guomin 
Hydrological process and detection  Prof. Pang Zhonghe 
Seismic wave propagation and imaging  Prof. Liu Yike 
Electromagnetic imaging theory and techniques  Prof. Di Qingyun 
Mechanism of strong earthquake and prediction  Prof. Qin Siqing 


Current Major Research Projects:

  1. Deep rock engineering geomechanics
  2. Seismic multiple removal
  3. Isotope hydrology and suspended water processes
  4. Groundwater simulation methods and applications
  5. Geological disasters and environmental protection
  6. Mechanisms of sudden flooding in mining seabeds
  7. Geothermal resource evaluation and optimization of extraction methods
  8. Hydrological research of geological sites used for high-level radioactive nuclear waste disposal
  9. New theory for strong earthquake prediction
  10. Underground storage and utilization of CO2
  11. Shale gas development technology and equipment
  12. Logging-while-drilling and imaging-while-drilling system R&D
  13. Surface electromagnetic probe (SEP) system R&D
  14. Microseismic system for hydraulic fracturing R&D
  15. R&D for high energy accelerator CT experimental device with multiple field coupling rock mechanics
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