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Division of the Earth's Deep Structure and Process

This division is dedicated to the study of the composition, structure, and dynamics of Earth’s deep interior by means of multi-disciplinary approaches, including seismology, geo- and paleomagnetism, comparative planetary sciences, computer simulation, and high temperature and pressure experiments. The division’s goal is to enhance our understanding of the past and present states of Earth’s deep interior and the influences that deep Earth systems have on surface processes.


Head of Division: Prof. Pan Yongxin

Deputy Head of Division: Prof. Guo Guangjun


Research Groups and Group Leaders: 

Geomagnetic field and deep Earth interior processes  Prof. Pan Yongxin 
Structure of Earth’s deep interior  Prof. Ai Yinshuang 
Seismology  Prof. Fu Liyun 
Composition and properties of Earth’s deep interior  Prof. Guo Guangjun 
Comparative planetary science  Prof. Lin Yangting 



Current Major Research Projects: 

  1. Changes in geomagnetic field and core dynamics
  2. Noble gas geochemistry and mantle dynamics
  3. Structure of the mantle transition zone
  4. Deep structure of the Tethys orogenic zone
  5. Numerical simulation of the deep geodynamic process
  6. The core-mantle boundary (CMB) at the Pacific anomaly
  7. Subduction zone of the western Pacific plate
  8. High-temperature and high-pressure experimental studies
  9. Deep carbon cycling
  10. Evolution of the early Earth
  11. Formation and evolution of solar nebula
  12. Formation and evolution of Mars based on Martian meteorites
  13. Formation and evolution of the Moon based on Lunar meteorites
  14. Constraint of the influence of deep Earth processes on the surface processes 
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