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【Apr.25】SKLLE Seminar: Prof. M.K. Pandit
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Prof. M.K. Pandit
University of Rajasthan,India 

Apr. 25th 15:00

Title: An Overview of Proterozoic Sedimentary Basins of Peninsular India: Special Reference to the NW Block

The Precambrian geological history of Peninsular India spans an impressive timeframe of nearly 3.0 billion years. Composed of five distinct cratonic nuclei, the Peninsula is a remarkable assemblage. Each of these nuclei harbors one or more sedimentary basins (or metasedimentary basins) dating back to the Proterozoic era.
It seems that the formation and subsequent closure of these basins can be largely attributed to three distinct periods, which correspond roughly to the assembly and dismantling of the supercontinents Columbia, Rodinia, and Gondwana. In the northwestern region of India, these basins are represented by the Paleo-Meso and Meso-Neoproterozoic supracrustal sequences of the Aravalli, Delhi, and Vindhyan supergroups, respectively.
These sedimentary basins, with their oldest phosphorite deposit, numerous Pb-Zn mineralizations, and fossils of early life, are repositories of invaluable information about the development of Earth's habitability during the Proterozoic era.
This presentation will delve into the Proterozoic sedimentary basins of the Indian peninsula, with a particular focus on those in northwestern India. We will explore their formation, evolution, and the insights they provide into the geological history of our planet.

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