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IAEG Lecture Tour in Beijing: Niek Rengers' Speech on Writing of Scientific Papers
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Invited by China National Group, the IAEG Lecture Tour was organized as a seminar at China University of Geosciences, Beijing on May 26, 2014. Professor Niek Rengers, the former president of IAEG, and Dr. Theodoor van Asch from ITC, the Netherlands, gave lectures on “Writing of Scientific (Research) Papers” and “Meteorological thresholds for debris flows”, respectively.  

Over 150 scientists and young professionals presented at the event, mainly from China University of Geosciences, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Institute of Geography and Resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geomechanics of Chinese Academy of Geosciences, and IAEG C24 and C29. Dr. QI Shengwen, the secretary of China National Group, chaired the seminar. Dr. XU Nengxiong, the deputy dean of Engineering College of China University of Geosciences and WU Faquan, the Chair of China National Group, gave the welcome addresses. 

IAEG had conducted and promoted the Lecture Tour for several years. The aim of the tour is to promote the new knowledge and achievements of engineering geology around the world through a series of lectures given by outstanding engineering geologists. The lecture by Niek Rengers was focused on helping young scientists to improve their paper writing skills.  

Professor WANG Sijing, a former IAEG president, and LI Xiao, director of the Key Lab of Engineering Geomechanics, CAS, hosted a banquette and met with the lecturers.  

The PowerPoint slides of the lectures can be accessed at 


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