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The Rector of University of Zaragoza Wrote a Letter to the Director of Our Institute
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Recently, the Director of our institute received an official letter from the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), Spain, which was written by the Rector of the university, Prof. Manuel José López Pérez. In this letter, the Rector of the university expressed his sincere gratitude for the collaboration between UNIZAR and IGGCAS, which was established  more than a decade ago. As part of this fruitful agreement, he cited the Spain-China Symposium on Geophysical & Geochemical Geosystem (SG3) held in Zaragoza in June 2009 as one of the best examples of successes the collaboration. The rector also expressed his great pleasure to continue the cooperation in common research interests in the future. Prof. José Badal, who came from the department of Science of the University, delivered this letter to the Director of our Institute, Academician of CAS, Professor Rixiang Zhu, on 14 March, 2014. 

The University of Zaragoza, Spain, is a public higher education and research institution, which is known for its long history of over 500 years and its ecclesiastical tradition. Zaragoza, the capital of the Aragon Autonomous Community, is home to some schools of the university, and now has more than 37,000 students in campuses all over Spain. The International Collaboration Agreement between IGGCAS and UNIZAR was established in 2002. 

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