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IGGCAS Held the 2023 (23rd) Annual Conference
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IGGCAS held its 2023 (23rd) Annual Academic Conference from January 23 to 24, 2023 in the lecture hall. Di Qingyun (Institute Director), Huang Xiangyang (Secretary of the Party Committee), Zhu Rixiang (Academician), Pan Yongxin (Academician), and special guests Ding Lin (Academician) of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Hu Yongyun of Peking University, as well as the research staff from various departments within the institute and managers of various departments, participated in both online and offline meetings. 

Di Qingyun delivered the opening speech and presented the 2023 research work report of the Institute. Following that, the award ceremony for "2023 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements" and "2023 Outstanding Graduate Advisor" was held. 

This annual meeting invited a total of 14 scientists from inside and outside the institute to deliver high-level oral reports on key development directions, such as the interaction of Earth's multi-sphere, lithosphere evolution, environmental evolution, planetary science, and key technologies for the exploration and development of deep earth resources. Among them, Academician Zhu Rixiang gave an invited presentation on "Theory of Hydrocarbon Formation and Enrichment through Multi-Layer Interaction," Academician Ding Lin presented on "Mechanism of Process from Orogenic Belt to Plateau Uplift and Its Impact on the Surface Environment," and Professor Hu Yongyun delivered an invited presentation on "Simulation of Evolution of Xenozoic Climate and Monsoon System." Professor Zhifei Zhang gave a special presentation on the "New Interpretation of Cambrian Explosion and Marine Hydrocarbon Resource Potential in Ordos Basin."

On the afternoon of January 24, the annual meeting also held a display board exchange activity, with 153 posters covering the significant academic achievements of each laboratory and discipline group of the institute this year. The annual meeting was simultaneously conducted online via Tencent Conference and the Bilibili website, with an audience of about 6,000 people. Participants and speakers engaged in active discussions and exchanges. 

This academic annual conference fully showcased the institute’s basic research advantages in the field of Earth-planet multi-circle theory, as well as the innovative vitality of deep earth and deep space exploration technology methods and intelligent technology equipment research and development. The annual conference provided a platform for exchanges and cooperation between researchers from various fields inside and outside the Institute, promoting multidisciplinary integration and cutting-edge research within the Institute. 

Di Qingyun is giving the opening speech and presented the 2023 research work report of the Institute. (Image by Ren Hui)


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