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2014 Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the CAS Received by Research Group of Destruction of the North China Craton
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On the morning of January 29, 2014, the award ceremony of the 2014 Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was held. The Research Group of Destruction of the North China Craton, led by Academician ZHU Rixiang and Researchers ZHANG Hongfu and YANG Jinhui, won this prestigious science and technology achievement award issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Academician BAI Chunli, as the President and Party Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, granted the prize to Researcher Yang Jinhui as the research group representative.

Based on the development of new technical methods and the establishment of an international first-class experiment and observation platform, and through the multidisciplinary research of “observation, experiment and theoretical study”, the spatiotemporal destruction scope of the North China Craton was determined by this research group, who then proposed and demonstrated the universality of peridotite - melt interaction in the process of craton destruction. The team found that the oceanic plate subduction leading to mantle flow instability and lithosphere mantle metasomatism - fusion was the dominant dynamic mechanism of the craton destruction, thus revealing the inner link between Mesozoic large-scale ore-forming and craton destruction in northern China. They also proposed a new ore-forming prediction model and established a theoretical system of “craton destruction”. These original achievements are the development of the continental evolution theoretical system, and provide a scientific basis for deep resource exploration in China. The research group has pioneered craton destruction research in China, resulting in this field becoming a hotspot in geosciences, and improving the international influence of China’s solid geosciences. 

The “Research Group of Destruction of the North China Craton” who won the award also includes members ZHENG Tianyu, FAN Hongrui, AI Yinshuang, CHEN Ling, JIANG Neng, LIN Wei, MENG Qingren, TANG Yanjie, ZENG Qingdong, ZHAO Liang, YANG Yueheng, YING Jifeng, LI Qiuli, ZHANG Xiaohui, QIAN Qing, YANG Wei and ZHAO Xinmiao. 

The Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is granted to an individual or group with major achievements or great influences. The prize was established in 2002, and awarded in 2003 for the first time. Before 2013, the award appraisal was carried out every two years, and a total of six awards were granted. Since 2013, the award appraisal has been adjusted to once a year, and the award criteria including solving important scientific problems, opening up new research directions, breakthrough key core technology, formation of systematical solutions, significant social and economic benefits, or proposing consultation suggestions with great impact. Adhering to high standards, strict requirements and the principle of prudent selection, no more than 10 groups and individuals may receive the award each year. In 2004, for the seventh round of the award, only three individuals and four groups received the award. 

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