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The 973 program “Major geological events and ore-forming processes during the Precambrian in the North China craton” reaches a successful conclusion
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The concluding conference that finalized the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) “Major geological events and ore-forming processes during the Precambrian in the North China craton” (2012CB416600) was held in Beijing from August 5th to August 7th. This major project was predominantly undertaken by IGG and the chief scientist ZHAI Mingguo. This conference was co-organized by IGG and Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

The conference was hosted by Academician ZHAI Mingguo. WU Gen, director of the Ministry of National Science and Technology Research Management Center, attended and gave a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony. The expert group consisted of 11 members., including Academician SUN Shu, Academician ZHONG Dalai, as well as the project experts Researcher SHEN Baofeng, Researcher GENG Yuansheng, and Researcher LIU Xiaochun. Directors and major academic professors from all subjects and a number of postgraduates were also present at the conference.  

This project was divided into six subjects. The six topic directors separately gave a report on five aspects, including, the completion status of each subject, specific contributions to overarching goals of the program, the level of research output and corresponding innovations, innovation of research team and status of talent training, and outstanding scientific questions. After finishing the reports, the attendees participated in warm discussions with directors of the topics. 

The experts agreed that all the subjects has attained a series of new achievements and innovations in many aspects, including understanding the stages of Archean crustal growth in the North China Craton, ore-forming regularity of iron deposits, environmental effects of Paleoproterozoic great oxidation event, large-scale mineralization processes associated with Neo-Mesoproterozoic multiple breakup, Precambrian mineralization evolutionary history and prediction of mineral resources, and key factors in metallogenic systems due to Precambrian major geological events.

The outcomes of this major project have received international acclaim. At the conclusion of the meeting, the experts consistently agreed that all the subjects have satisfactorily completed the tasks required by the original design and was undoubtedly a great success.   


Fig. 1  Academician ZHAI Mingguo hosted this conference 

Fig. 2  Delegates at this Conference


Fig. 3  Experts listening to reports from directors of every subject 

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