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Group of GUO Zhengfu Visited Taiwan University
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At the invitation of Prof. Tsanyao Frank Yang of Department of Geosciences, Taiwan University, Prof. GUO Zhengfu and his group members of Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment, IGG, visited the Laboratory of Gas Geochemistry of Taiwan University during the period of December 1 to 7, 2013, in order to promote academic exchanges on volcanic gas geochemistry, soil CO2 microseepage measurement and real-time monitoring and gas/water sampling in volcanic field.

According to the previously determined schedule, Prof. GUO Zhengfu and Tsanyao Frank Yang held a group meeting to discuss recent advances in volcanic gas research of Mainland and Taiwan. Prof. TF Yang introduced the basic situation of the Laboratory of Gas Geochemistry, including the staff, the present laboratory apparatus and recent work on soil CO2 microseepage measurement. Dr. Lihong Zhang of IGGCAS introduced research work on the flux of soil CO2 microseepage of Yangbajing volcanic/geothermal field, southern Tibet. Prof. GUO Zhengfu and his group members also visited the laboratory apparatus, Tatun Volcano Observatory, soil CO2 microseepage real-time monitoring station, as well as the Chinkuashih gold deposit and the related andesite outcrops.

Based on the extensive discussions and exchanges, several agreements have been reached, including organizing joint field work on volcanic gases in future, open to volcanic gas samples analysis, establishing soil CO2 microseepage real-time monitoring station in Tengchong, Changbaishan or other appropriate volcanic fields and providing technical guidance on establishing laboratory of volcanic gas. This visit will promote the cooperation and exchanges on volcanic gas research between both sides.

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