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The annual scientific meeting for the International Associated Laboratory in France
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The annual scientific meeting for the International Associated Laboratory (Monsoon and Oceanic Circulation) (LIA-MONOCL) was held in Gif-sur-Yvette (French) on 3rd-6th September 2012. 

The LIA-MONOCL was founded jointly by IGGCAS, CNRS, and Tongji University. The main purpose of LIA-MONOCL is to bring together Chinese and French research scientists to understand the past variability of the East Asian Monsoon and of oceanic circulation in the south-east Asian and western Pacific regions. The annual meeting aims to summarize the scientific progresses of the LIA-MONOCL, and determine the future cooperation for the next year. The cooperation of LIA-MONOCL involves three main aspects: 1) integration of the research platform, 2) high-level research visitors; and 3) joint graduate students. 

The main participants of the meeting included Mr. Ming Chen (Minister Advisor, Chinese Embassy), Haijun Wu (2nd Secretary Service S&T), Prof. Rixiang Zhu (Academician and leader of the IGGCAS), Prof. Qingsong Liu (Chinese Leader of LIA-MONOCL), Prof. Pinxian Wang (Academician, CAS), Profs, Zhifei Liu, Zhimin Jian, Jun Tian, Chuanlian Liu, Yongqiang Yu (IAPCAS). Participants from France included Mr. Patrick Nedellec (Director of the International Affair Division, CNRS-DERCI), Mme Blazy (Scientific relations with China, Research and Scientific Exchanges Direction, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Elas Cortijo (Director of LSCE), Eric Chassefiere (Director of GEOPS, Paris-Sud), Catherine Kissel (French leader of LIA-MONOCL), and Profs Frank Bassinot, Pascale Braconnot, and Carlo Laj among others. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the main leaders from both sides summarized the main cooperation achievements between the two countries and praised the significant contributions to marine research. Prof. Rixiang Zhu introduced the history of IGGCAS and reviewed the bilateral cooperation between France and our institute. He further pointed out that the lab has been very successful and IGGCAS will support future cooperation. Then, a series of scientific lectures were organized to highlight the major research progress during the past year. At the end of the meeting, all participants discussed the future projects and organization. 

The annual meeting successfully exhibits the creativity of the LIA-MONOCL, which will contribute more to the developments of the marine sciences for both countries. 

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