Research Progress
【Science Daily】Discovery of th... (05.11)
The schematic diagram of marine organic matter production and burial in the continental shelf ocean, regulated by marine nutrient cycling and mineral protection.(Image by IGGCAS)
Researchers Unveil the Significan... (03.29)
Earth's Billion-Year Balancing Act (02.01)
Successive Accretions of Future A... (01.29)
Zhurong Radar Detects Buried Poly... (12.20)
Marine Oxygen Landscape Shaped by... (11.03)
8 Outstanding Scientific Achievements for 2023 (2024.02.01)
5.jpg During the 2023 Annual Academic meeting, IGG selected 8 outstanding achievements to recognize the remarkable work of researchers over the past year.
IGGCAS Held the 2023 (23rd) Annual Conference (2024.02.01)
IGGCAS held its 2023 (23rd) Annual Academic Conference from January 23 to 24, 2023 in the lecture hall.Di Qingyun delivered the opening speech and presented the 2023 research work report of the Institute.
The First Earth and Planetary Science Winter Camp Held in... (2024.01.26)
W020240126453471615629.jpg The inaugural Earth and Planetary Science Winter Camp took place in Beijing from January 14th to 19th, attracting 98 college students from the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).
Int`l Cooperation News
·Professor Vadim Kamenetsky from IOCAS Visits IGG (2024.05.11)
·Prof. Simon Poulton from the University of Leeds Visits IGG (2024.03.06)
·Scientists from China, UK, and Indonesia Jointly Conduct ... (2024.02.26)
·The Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources, CAS, and the Geo... (2024.01.31)
·IGGCAS Strengthens China-Brazil Joint Geoscience Research (2023.11.30)
·Collaboration with the IAEA on Isotope Hydrology (2023.10.31)
Upcoming Events
· 【Apr.25】SKLLE Seminar: Prof. M.K. Pandit--[2024-04-25]
· 【Apr.24-25】SKLLE Seminar: Prof. Vadim Kamenetsky--[2024-04-18]
· 【Mar.26】What is powering the Earth's Engine?--[2024-03-20]
Research Devisions
State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution
Division of the Earth's Deep Structure and Process
Division of Lithosphere Evolution
Division of Petroleum Resources
Division of Solid Mineral Resources
Division of Engineering Geology and Water Resources
Division of Cenozoic Geology and Environment
Division of Geomagnetism and Space Physics
Multimedia News
【Dream Chasers】I'm a Beijing re... (05.14)
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