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Director's Speech

The Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS) was established through the integration of the former Institute of Geology, CAS and the Institute of Geophysics, CAS, during the implementation of a knowledge innovation project undertaken by CAS, following the development rules of the field of Earth sciences, so as to promote disciplinary integration and realize powerful union. By means of constant practice of scientific research and innovation, IGGCAS has gradually grown to become a comprehensive scientific research institution with a considerable influence in the field of global geo-sciences. At the same time, a strategic pattern has been created in the overall disciplinary construction with close union and mutual promotion of basic research, application basic research, and technology. In recent years, IGGCAS has achieved important original results, significant strategic technologies, and major application demonstration transform projects in the field of solid geo-sciences, focusing on global science frontiers and major national demands for serving economic and social development, so as to make important contributions to the construction of a creative nation. In addition, IGGCAS has also cultivated and attracted an outstanding research team and talent team possessing pioneering spirit and considerable international influence.

Through the joint efforts of several generations, IGGCAS has gradually established itself as a scientific research system and technology platform, from the detection of deep Earth to the study of solar-terrestrial space environments, so as to realize the intersection among various disciplines. IGGCAS has mastered the geo-science development trend, undertaken the historical mission of national research institution, and upholds a "four-in-one" development philosophy, i.e. "theoretical innovation, technology research and development, achievement conversion, and science-education integration". IGGCAS also adheres to the synchronous development of scientific research and technology R&D, so as to cultivate and create a scientific research and technical team with innovation capabilities, independent R&D capacity of large-scale instrument equipment, and experimental ability of new technology and new methods. IGGCAS undertakes important scientific research projects of pioneering basic research, national strategic goals and social development needs, thus providing a platform for science researchers devoted to exploring the mysteries of geo-sciences.

IGGCAS has a tradition of academic freedom, attributes great attention to talented individuals, and also loves science and encourages innovation, and this is the fruit of the labor and wisdom of past generations. IGGCAS’s strong cultural atmosphere is the soil for cultivating innovation, where every person who is here to work and study can experience the joy of studying, embodied in the value for dedication to state and society.

The current situation of scientific and technological innovation has given rise to new hopes and requirements for the development of national research institutes. According to the outline of national innovation-driving development strategy and the tenet of deepening the reform of science and technology systems, IGGCAS strives to realize the management policy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the new age, carrying out CAS's "Pioneering Action" plan, actively planning the creation of the "Earth Science Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences", and creating reform for development. CAS is committed to implementing the transformation and innovative spanning development of scientific concepts, organization structures, management modes and innovation systems, and continuously making major basic, strategic and original contributions. I sincerely thank you for your concern toward IGGCAS, and express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt wishes to our friends who have offered their long-term concern, help and support to the development of IGGCAS. May the construction process of IGGCAS have a most brilliant future.

WU Fuyuan
June 30th,2017

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